As an industry leader in sustainable practices ranging from LEED certification and Energy Star to renewable energy sources, Braebury has kept focus on what matters most. Through our commitment to sustainability and quality, Braebury has been recognized by the Canadian, Ontario, Ottawa and Kingston Home builders Associations. The Kingston Chamber of Commerce has also awarded Braebury with twice “Business of the Year”. We endeavor to continue our involvement in ensuring future generations are bright and full of opportunity.

Team photo
  • First Builder in the Kingston area to adapt ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) as a Standard
  • First of 10 Builders in the Province to do Full ESNH
  • First to Educate Site Staff and Sub-Contractors on a work site for the ESNH program, thus changing the way the program training was administered
  • First builder in Kingston to install Drain Water Heat Recovery Pipes as a Standard
  • First builder to offer a retrofit program to install Drain Water Heat Recovery Pipes to homeowners who purchased Braebury Homes
  • First builder in Kingston to complete a new home with the GreenHouse program administered by EnerQuality
  • First builder to hold a model home as an education center for local school board
  • First builder to partner up with Building Construction Internship Program (BCIP) to train High School students to build ESNH homes
  • First builder to construct a Tri-Labeled home with the ENERGY STAR, Green House and LEED Gold Certified. “Harvesting House”
    1. House contained a lot of Green Construction firsts for the Kingston area:
      • First DX Geothermal system within the urban boundary, in a subdivision
      • First to use Rain Water Recovery to flush toilets in a subdivision
      • First to use Solar Hot Water in a subdivision (Utilities Kingston Program)
  • First company to install Solar Photovoltaic System through the provincial OPA (Ontario Power Authority) Micro-FIT Solar Program on a commercial roof top (2009)